Tuesday 8 April 2003

The Truth Is Somewhere In The Middle

Hitler on his Invasion of Poland ... "We will return Bomb for Bomb!"

But the Poles dropped no bombs. So much for truth. Now for more untruth ...

Feeble minded people, lemmings and other assorted detritus of the United States of America ... read and think!

Do you recall reading (right here on Rense) about "Urban Warfare" being conducted in United States Cities? Do you also recall that these "Urban War Games" as the Military called it, were conducted during the _last_ presidential administration? I refer, of course, to President Clinton (although I use the word 'president' rather loosely), I refer to the Clinton Misadministration, you know, the one where our technology wound up in the hands of our purported enemies? China? North Korea? Surely you must recall that administration.

Well, the practice of practicing urban warfare may have paid dividends in this administration's present war on Iraq.

The purpose of war is usually money ... greenbacks ... moola. But both the Bush administrations seem to be practicing and testing our military's capability to wage war on cities. What cities may these be? Iraq's? Some not so obscure Asian City? One wonders.

Perhaps this is nothing more than the need for our military to garner experience fighting this kind of warfare. One then must wonder why the need to do so. I for one am beginning to consider more insidious possibilities. Either we had been practicing war games with foreknowledge that we would be waging a war on such urban areas as Iraq, or other urban foreign cities ... or worse, our own?

Why would our own military and the military of other nations and entities which were observed within our borders, be engaged in war games through several administrations? Is this a conspiracy on the part of the military, some unilateral decision to do these maneuvers, or is it a conspiracy among the intelligencia, the real rulers of this nation and world?

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