Tuesday 8 April 2003

Here's the war according to CNN

The images were stark.

A convoy carrying Kurdish soldiers and coalition special forces had come under attack from two U.S. fighter jets early yesterday morning.

Several vehicles were strewn along the scorched dirt road, pulverized beyond recognition. Others, still smouldering, were reduced to heaps of tangled steel and charred debris. The road was stained with blood.

BBC World was broadcasting this footage yesterday morning. It also reported at least 18 people were killed and another 45 injured by the so-called "friendly fire" attack.

"I actually saw the bomb dropping from the aircraft, and then I saw it, as it came down beside me," said John Simpson, BBC's world affairs editor.

Simpson rushed to help his translator. The man, not identified, suffered horrific injuries when shrapnel sliced off his legs. He died a few minutes later.

And so, on Day 18, more mindless carnage and devastation.

But had you been watching CNN in the morning, you wouldn't have heard much about this deadly "mistake" in Northern Iraq.

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