Wednesday 26 March 2003

Arab TV Crew Says Found 40 Dead US Soldiers

From the letters section of

"Sanwa ata Mosahra reporting. A film crew from al-Minar TV, a television network of Lebanon, stumbled across the bodies of about 40 US soldiers scattered in the desert outside Maseriah. Ali Fawsua a camera man for al-Minar said "It was obvious the soldiers had been in a major battle as there was empty ammunition casing everywhere".

"We searched around but could not find any dead Iraqi soldiers and must be thinking they took their dead and injured away from the battle" he added.

"We called on our satellite phone to our base camp and told them what we had found and they told the Americans where we were located".

"Soon some American helicopters came to us and the Americans took all our camera and recording equipment and smashed it. They told us to leave the area and say nothing of this finding".

"When we arrived back at our base to the south there were American military police everywhere and they destroyed all of our equipment and told us to leave Iraq immediately".

al-Minar has lodged a complaint with the IJCO and US with a claim for compensation for the many thousands dollars of destroyed equipment.