Thursday 5 December 2002

US rebuffs Japan over rape charge

Remember the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murders? The bodies of the two girls were found just outside the perimeter fence of USAF Lakenheath, one of the largest US bases in this country. At the time Joe Vialls made the assertion that it was a US serviceman that was responsible for the deaths not the Iain Huntley or Maxine Carr. These theories have been ridiculed and no attempt has been made to interview any US personnel on the base. However, Joes theories make a lot more sense than the official explanation, read the report and you'll see what I mean!

I found this story in the BBC which is relevant because it shows you the extent to which US personnel have been involved in nefarious activities around the world (besides, of course, their official nefarious activities carried out in the name of the Bush junta), including the brutal rape of a 12 year old girl. Think about it people, if the population of this country learned that it was American servicepeople who carried out the murders there's no way in hell that Phony Tony and the Cronies would get any support at all for the Iraq invasion or the stoopid WoT for that matter!

The United States has refused Japan's request that it hand over an American Marine accused of attempting to rape a woman on Okinawa, home to most of the country's US military bases.

US Marine Major Michael J Brown, 39, has denied attempting to rape a woman in her car last month.

Under a 1995 accord with Japan, the US is required to give "full favourable consideration" to all requests to hand over a serviceman who is charged with a serious crime.

But the Japanese foreign ministry said the US had turned down its request, prompting what the Japanese government described as "extreme regret" at the US position.

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