Thursday 5 December 2002

US Military Ordered Soldiers to "Kill Women and Children"

How many innocent people are these bastards going to slaughter in cold-blood before action is taken against them? Just for the record I count the troops as innocent, they are being manipulated by the politicians and their generals. It makes the Bush junta more obscene because they are prepared to sacrifice the mental health of their troops as well.

How can anyone justify murder on the grounds of needing oil?? We've got a world that's falling to bits because of pollution created by oil and violence created by the desire to obtain it. Give me one good reason why we really need oil? There are many alternatives, stuff that we know about and secret technologies that we don't, the information is being kept from us and the technologies supressed because without the need for oil, people like Prick Cheney can't satisfy their megalomaniacal dreams for world domination. If we had a free and clean source of power that was independent of a "national grid" it would alleviate so many problems in the world, but it would also mean The System giving up it's most effective mechanism of dependence. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

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The stench of decaying flesh hung heavy in the air as soldiers passed blown-up bunkers and caves.
As they moved down an L-shaped corridor, the stiffened limbs of a Taliban soldier jutted from beneath piles of rock and dust in the sweltering afternoon air.

Ripped-up pages from the Koran, and booklets describing ways to kill Americans, littered the tree-lined valley that had been bombarded by U.S. air strikes before their arrival.

These recollections, marking the intensity of every hour of every day felt in combat, typify the memories that resurface for veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and other military combat this Memorial Day weekend.

For Army Private Matt Guckenheimer, who recently returned home to Tompkins County after two missions in Eastern Afghanistan, processing these memories and readjusting to American life has just begun.

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