Friday 6 December 2002

Israel Tries To Steal Mombasa "Evidence"

As the saga unfolds it's interesting to see how Joe's assertions add up, the inconsistencies in the official story and the obvious evidence left-over tells its own story. If anyone can explain these anomalies with another explanation that makes more sense then I'm all ears. For the moment though, I think Joe has hit the nail on the head. Please circulate this report to as many people as you can, the System must not be allowed to lie to us like this and get away with it!

Suprise suprise, now the Israeli press is claiming there are links between the Kenya bombings and Iraq, this just gets better and better! If we are to believe the media (I don't) then Mossad ignored warnings of an attack, yeah right!

by Joe Vialls

Perhaps realizing that they had left fatally flawed evidence lying around Mombasa airport, more than a hundred heavily armed Israeli soldiers landed at the East Coast port on December 1, and demanded that the Kenyan Police hand over the "evidence". By all accounts they were particularly anxious to get their hands of the unfired sky-blue "Strela" missile launching tubes left near the end of Runway 21. To their astonishment and considerable anger, the Israeli demand was met with a point-blank "NO".

The Kenyan police had already worked out for themselves that the Strela launchers had not been fired, and were still trying to establish exactly why the crew of Arkia Airlines Flight 582 had ignored standard airport procedures on November 28, and taken off from the wrong runway. Instead of using Runway 03 [heading 030 degrees] where the overrun is the Indian Ocean, Flight 582 had deliberately ignored instructions and taken off in the opposite direction, i.e. from Runway 21 [heading 210 degrees], which rather conveniently took them directly overhead the decoy Strela launchers hidden in the long grass.

Think about it people, think about it. How did the agents who planted the Strela launchers know in advance that the crew of Arkia Flight 582 would be the first to violate standard procedures in three years? Put another way, how did they know exactly where to leave the dummy launchers for the media to find? Clearly they had exceptional extra sensory perception, or they must have spoken to the aircrew before Flight 582 taxied out to the runway. You choose which is most likely to be the truth.

This is what a dog-ugly Israeli with a finger looks like. Of course, it helps if you know that the overrun of Runway 03 is located in ten-feet-deep water, and therefore a very difficult place to expect even the most compliant of media crews to locate and film the sky-blue decoy launch tubes. No, for the Mossad scam to work properly they had to break the rules, and with typical Israeli arrogance, assumed no one would notice the "minor" deception.

But the deception was noticed, as was the fact that the launch tubes had not been fired. Anticipating a few problems with their initial cover story, the Israelis starting leaking another ingenious tale to the media, which discreetly hinted that the Arkia Boeing 757 "might have been fitted with top secret missile warning equipment", which had somehow miraculously prevented the airplane from being hit by two deadly heat seekers, allegedly fired at point-blank range. As you will see from the pictures below, this was a complete lie.

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