Tuesday 17 December 2002

Sharon the Clueless

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon believes that a successful American attack against Iraq could create 'new momentum' for the diplomatic process in the region. In his view, the Arabs will be disposed to negotiate and compromise when they are convinced that they lack a military option."

Earth to Sharon: Hellooooooo!! Is anybody home???

Of course, we should not be surprised. This is the same Ariel Sharon who is trying the exact same strategy, on only a slightly smaller scale, in the occupied Palestinian territories. It could be summed up, "Keep killing more of them till they stop killing us." And how's it working for you, Ariel? I haven't yet heard of a suicide bombing in Israel today, but that could be because the day is still young.

Rhetorical question: Who is more clueless, Sharon or Bush? All right, it's a stupid question, since no instrument could ever be expected to measure a difference that small. Both of these half-wits have their fingers on nuclear arsenals. Where, I wonder, in the world could anyone go and feel reasonably safe from them? Are there any jobs in Antarctica?

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