Tuesday 17 December 2002

Mossad Links to Cheriegate

click here to visit the mirror The daily diet of stories about Cherie Blair and her dealings with the conman, Peter Foster, has, according to the Independent on Sunday, led to her husband backing a new anti-sleaze law.

Worried at the mistrust of politicians being made worse by the fortnight of intense scrutiny of his wife's affairs, the prime minister apparently wants MPs to be made subject to the same anti-corruption laws as other public officials.

The legislation is being drawn up by his Home Secretary, David Blunkett, and should be ready next year...

The Sunday Express claims Mr Foster was ready to sell secrets of his dealings with Mrs Blair to the Israeli secret service, Mossad.

Intelligence sources have told the paper that Mossad was also interested in Mr Foster's girlfriend, Carole Caplin, because - as Mrs Blair's so-called life-style guru - she has close links to the family.

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