Tuesday 17 December 2002

Did Mossad Know?

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

The reports emanating from the Middle East that some 1200 Israeli citizens working at the World Trade Center failed to show up for work on September 11 have been widely scoffed at. However, an early report that U.S. officials would investigate the allegation has been followed by stone silence. Any investigation should begin by checking the roster of occupants of the WTC for Israeli residents. And, remember, American Jews can become Israeli citizens and maintain their U.S. citizenship.

Eighty-one countries are represented among the dead and missing in the September 11 disaster. So far, not one Israeli citizen has been listed among the victims. Is it possible that the complex of buildings housing the global center of international business, banking and commerce contained no Israeli citizens on September 11, on a working day morning?

Those of us familiar with the Middle East know the Israeli Mossad intelligence organization is considered among the most efficient, the most dedicated and the most ruthless in the world. From the earliest days of the existence of the state of Israel Mossad was given state-sponsored freedom and encouragement to do whatever was necessary to guarantee Israeli security. And that is what Mossad has done all over the world.

I know I'm wasting my breath, guys, but let's try one more time: When you drive a people into hopelessness and desperation, you not only make them angry, you make them feel they have nothing to lose. When you will not listen to their grievances, you convince them that killing people on your side, anyone at all that they can get their hands on, is the only way to make you listen.

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