Wednesday 11 December 2002

Legendary Civil Rights Leader Calls for Non-Violent Regime Change in the U.S.

I'm not a civil rights leader or an American but I do agree with him, we need collective, massive, totally non-violent, world-wide action. The sheeple must be woken from their slumber and helped into a greater understanding of their plight. Those in power realise that while they control the flow of information, they control the masses. That's the way it has always been - until now.

I believe that the Internet will prove to be the deciding factor in the coming firestorm, there have been concerted moves to discredit the Net as a source of information. The escalation in spam, the continuous talk of kiddie porn, the chat-room abductions; all of it attempting to cast the Internet and those who use it -like you and me- in a bad light. Seems to me someone is desperate to brand us all as "kooks" and "nuts" and "perverts". Tension grows and everyone official is talking about "war", "terrorism" and "national security" but what they are not doing is giving us any REAL proof of what's going on. They destroy evidence, have closed hearings, military tribunals and generally make a mockery of basic human rights, and we have to just shut up and do as we're told because we're not intelligent enough or trustworthy enough to know what they know. It takes the old adage "Do what I say, not what I do." to new heights of geo-political silliness, they expect us to accept being spied on 24/7 but they won't divulge the details of why it's so important.

All of the signs point to what one eloquent comentator dubbed the "End Game", I believe they are right. This is the last chance that the Real Evildoers (Reevils) have to create their "New World Order" before the masses wake up and realise that they've been conned. I bet you the Reevils are absolutely kicking themselves that they ever let the Internet break out of the box they created it in because soon it's going to turn round and bite them in the cojones!

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't stop asking questions, of yourself, of your mates and most of all of those tossers who are supposed to be REPRESENTING US! Don't rely on The Beeb, The Times, me, Phony Tony -or any other Crony- to tell you what to believe; work it out yourself -- or make it up, either way it's better than parroting some other sucker's point of view. We don't need "world leaders", what we need is "world healers" and a new system that doesn't let one single group control too much power, the world must be shared not dominated.

Rev. James Lawson was one of the eaarly leaders of the civil rights movement that changed American society 40 years ago. On Monday night, he spoke to local anti-war activists. His formula for radical change was still the same: mass non-violent direct action.

On the eve of International Human Rights Day, local peace activists heard an inspiring sermon Monday night from a man who has practiced what he preached for five decades.

Speaking to about 120 people in a small, ecumenical chapel across the street from the United Nations, Rev. James Lawson called on his audience to embrace “passionate non-violence” as a means to transforming a society corrupted by violence and greed.

“If this government is to be changed…it will be because we the people mobilize not in the tens of thousands but in the millions and make this country unmanageable. Nothing else will do,” Lawson said.

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