Tuesday 10 December 2002

Iraq Indicates Names of Arms Suppliers in Document

Now you know why the USA had to take responsibility for editing out "sensitive" material. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE, Iraq isn't being asked to declare HOW to make a nucleur bomb but it does have to declare WHO sold it the nuke stuff and nasty biowar agents; that's the material that will be edited out I guarantee you that! The USA and UK HAVE NO PROOF that Saddam has WMD now and there is lot's of proof that says that when he did have those nasties it was us who sold him the feckin' things anyway! Now that the USA has taken the only copy it's likely to come back with large chunks of juicy stuff missing.

Iraq's long declaration of its past weapons programs is expected to include names of foreign suppliers, disclosures that may be embarrassing for nations on the U.N. Security Council.

A table of contents, circulated to the Security Council on Monday, says Iraq listed "procurements" of its nuclear programs as well as imported chemical precursors and foreign technical assistance for its chemical arms programs.

Under biological weapons, the index says 33 pages are devoted to "acquisition of equipment, material, supplies and empty munitions containers for all phases of the program."

The table, contained in a covering letter from Baghdad's Foreign Minister Naji Sabri, lists all of Iraq's banned weapons programs, but does not indicate if any arms were procured after U.N. sanctions were imposed in August 1990.

In the past, sensitive information, has not been disclosed by U.N. weapons inspection units. Companies around the world, which cooperated with the United Nations did so on condition they not be identified publicly, although the United States and others are presumed to have access to such information.

But this time all 15 Security Council members are to get the report, which means it could leak to the press quickly.

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