Wednesday 11 December 2002

Africans Declare War on Freemasons

voxfux shows us once again that he is the most ecclectic and well-informed of dissidents...

by voxfux

Amidst a growing global awareness of the problem of the worlds covert religious cults, mainstream Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian churches in Africa have joined with leaders of Kenya's Mungiki youth movement in calling for the abolition of the Freemasons. The Parish Pastor of Nairobi’s St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), one of the oldest traditional churches in Kenya, said recently that Freemasonry needs to be abolished, citing, "It has no moral standing in the wider community," he said.

The Mungiki movement with some 4 million followers, has accused the Freemasons of involvement in the disappearance of children and a mysterious string of murders that have recently rocked Nairobi.

The pronouncement came after a consortium of churches, during an interdenominational conference, called for the total ban on Freemasonry in Kenya. The Nanyuki conference, attended by officials of the National Council of Churches, Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya, the Catholic Church and representatives of the Independent Churches of Kenya, lashed out at the Freemason society, accusing it of "engaging in undercurrent activities." The churches pointed out that Freemasonry is a secretive society whose activities may not be good to the welfare of the human society.

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