Friday 6 December 2002

BBC told to overhaul 24 hour news channel

Yay! Now maybe we'll get something better than the same repetitive vomit that Sky and CNN manage to spew! I'm not expecting them to make it like on TV, that would be expecting too much, just less BORING would be nice! Honestly Auntie, you have a great thing called the BBC World Service why can't you come up with a TV channel that's exactly like that...?

The BBC was yesterday ordered to overhaul its 24 hour news channel after a warning from the government that its existing format was too similar to commercial competitors to justify the continued use of millions of pounds of licence fee payers money.

An independent review of the service also attacked BBC governors for failing to adequately control the management and strategy of News 24, suggesting that there should be a regular review of its performance by an outside regulator.

The criticisms come at a time of increasing pressure for the BBC to be brought fully under the control of new communications regulator Ofcom - a move that would effectively curtail the powers of the corporation's governors.

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