Thursday 12 December 2002

Her Play Acting Was a Joke

New stories appear at the bottom of this post, as the story unfolds those of us who cynically said it was a class A acting demonstration seem to have been proven right. It seems that Cherie knew more than she said about pretty much everything.

by Paul Routledge

click here to visit the mirror It was a great sob performance. You could see that she is her father's daughter: an actress, with natural stage skills.

I watched her act in the Strangers' Bar of the House of Commons. Labour MPs were visibly relieved that her emotional stage management was so professional. It did not convince me. Maybe I am an old cynic, but I saw through Cheries's self-indulgent tears about her misconduct to the political reality. She stood up to defend herself - but much more to get Tony Blair off the hook of corruption. He is the true target of criticism, and, like a dutiful wife, she took the rap.

Cherie Blair has been foolish, lacking in judgment and just plain daft. Last night, she pleaded guilty to all those failings. Never mind that she was 40 minutes late for her own funeral - the real issue is that she did NOT answer the big question about her half-million-pound splash on two flats in Bristol.

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