Thursday 12 December 2002

Washington at war

The USA is obviating the UN, ignoring most of its allies and declaring itself to be the only state that is allowed to make any decisions. The UN action is just a charade to hide the fact that no matter what the outcome of the inspectors this war has been planned and will be executed according to a schedule that has alread been set. All that's happening at the moment is that the US is positioning its pieces, once that's done it'll strike.

by Timothy Garton Ash

Uncle Sam is coming to get you! Coming to the hyperpower capital from peace-torn Europe, I find three things. Washington is at war. Washington is going to war. And Washington is starting to think about a peace to end both wars. People in Britain, and the world beyond, need to wake up to all three.

There is some confusion here between two wars. Sometimes when Washingtonians say "the war" they mean the war against terrorism, which they are still living intensely in everyday life. Sometimes they mean the coming war with Iraq. WT and WI, as a friend tags them.

The most pressing conclusion is that Washington is going to war against Saddam Hussein. Saddam's solemn claim that he has no more weapons of mass destruction is a blow to those who still hoped for a peaceful solution and a gift to those who think toppling him by force of arms is the only path to effective disarmament. My clear impression from talking to people inside and close to the Bush administration is that this war - WI - is now a matter of when and how rather than whether.

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