Wednesday 11 December 2002

Media accuse US of 'piracy'

Piracy is right, the USA is a bully pure and simple. Unfortunately unlike the kid that used to pick on you in school, this one has a mental age of 2 and more nuclear weapons than is required to completely annihilate the earth!

Washington's grab for the Iraqi arms dossier at the United Nations was "an act of piracy," a Qatari newspaper charged Tuesday.

"The method by which Washington obtained the dossier can only be termed an act of piracy," said Al-Raya daily.

"This method is all the more suspicious because the US administration does not hide its belligerent intentions towards Iraq," the Doha-based paper said.

"It would not be surprising to see the Pentagon benefit from information contained in the dossier to direct its attacks against positions of the Iraqi army."

Al-Raya also accused Washington of "lacking sincerity and showing basis even in the Security Council."

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