Thursday 28 November 2002

Is Henry Kissinger the Lizard King?

This guy is so up to his eyeballs in Illuminati affairs that if there are any candidates for David Icke's Lizard jobalism theory (not that I necessarily believe in all the reptile theories) then this fascist is one of them, I mean look at that those eyes!

Besides if he's all squeaky clean then why the hell doesn't he just come forward and answer the questions people have, what's he hiding -- besides his humanity obviously...? It's like all the other "unanswered questions" relating to much of what happens in the world. Here's some friendly advice, from now on any time a government weenie says "In the interests of national security", you should ALWAYS understand it as meaning; "In the interests of covering our arses so you lot don't find out what complete fascist totalitarian fuck-ups we are".

The Latest Kissinger Outrage

The Bush administration has been saying in public for several months that it does not desire an independent inquiry into the gross "failures of intelligence" that left U.S. society defenseless 14 months ago. By announcing that Henry Kissinger will be chairing the inquiry that it did not want, the president has now made the same point in a different way. But the cynicism of the decision and the gross insult to democracy and to the families of the victims that it represents has to be analyzed to be believed...

There is a tendency, some of it paranoid and disreputable, for the citizens of other countries and cultures to regard President Bush's "war on terror" as opportunist and even as contrived. I myself don't take any stock in such propaganda. But can Congress and the media be expected to swallow the appointment of a proven coverup artist, a discredited historian, a busted liar, and a man who is wanted in many jurisdictions for the vilest of offenses? The shame of this, and the open contempt for the families of our victims, ought to be the cause of a storm of protest.

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