Thursday 28 November 2002

Defeating National Security

Latest Vialls Report: Connecting the dots like no-one else can, Joe's analyses might seem a bit far-out but if you actually suspend disbelief for a moment and review what he says you'll realise that it makes a lot of sense, the System just doesn't want you to think it does. Oh no, they're all squeaky clean, innit geezah!?!

Political Vermin Use Myths, Mayhem and Mind Control

by Joe Vialls

On Sunday 28th April 1996, a team of well-trained professional terrorists launched an attack on Australia. The lead terrorist entered the Broad Arrow Café, pulled a sawn-off Mistaravim AR-15 out of a bulky sports bag and opened fire on the unarmed diners. In just under thirty seconds, 20 people were killed and another 12 seriously injured. Of the twenty dead, the first nineteen were killed by incredibly accurate single shots to the head, all fired from the right hip of the terrorist as he performed a faultless moving pirouette down the length of the café, covering his own back while picking off his moving targets.

During the initial Café phase of the attack, the terrorist used only 29 rounds to kill or injure a total of 31 people. Subsequent forensic analysis proved that two of his shots scored “double”, i.e. each bullet literally “exploded” the head of one victim, with the resulting bone and bullet fragments continuing on to injure a second victim standing directly behind the first. By firing only 29 counted rounds, the shooter ensured he still had a live round in the breech of the weapon to protect him during the two seconds he needed to fit a fresh 30-round magazine. This terrorist was a consummate professional who could never be taken by surprise.

By early the next day the Australian Government had all of these gruesome details, and knew very well that the overall carnage at Port Arthur and Seascape Cottage could only have been caused by a thoroughly professional team of imported terrorists. But despite this knowledge and absolute certainty at the highest of political levels, the mass murder was promptly blamed on a left-handed intellectually impaired young man by the name of Martin Bryant, whose shooting skills were limited to a single-shot Webley air rifle.

By noon on 29th April 1996 at the latest, the Government knew that Australia had suffered a horrific terrorist attack, and [should have had] no reason to assume the terrorists would stop there. Clearly, as was the case in Great Britain during 1940 when the Local Volunteer Force was formed and armed with 520,000 weapons to help combat feared fifth columnists in the United Kingdom, it was time to arm Australian civilians for defense.

Inexplicably, this did not happen. Instead, on 10th May 1996, the Prime Minister directly and illegally interfered with State Police Ministers, and ordered the disarmament of Australian civilians across the nation. In all, approximately 660,000 serviceable firearms that could have been used to defend Australia against terrorist attacks then and in the future, were confiscated, crushed, and melted down. Though it cannot yet be proved conclusively, but based on the bizarre actions of politicians after Port Arthur, the primary motive of the terrorist operation [obviously] appears to have been the disarmament of Australia.

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