Friday 29 November 2002


The description given is very close to what researchers describe as the secret hypersonic reconnaisance aircraft "Aurora" that is widely rumoured to exist, but routinely denied by U.S. officials. The fact that this high-ranking US officer doesn't know about it doesn't say anything to me because these projects are always blacker than the night.

US air force chief admits mystery lights buzzed his Suffolk airbase

A high-ranking US air force officer and his troops reported seeing a brightly shining UFO in an English forest, it was officially admitted yesterday.

The triangular craft was said to have a pulsing red light on the top and blue lights underneath. It was either hovering or on legs before slipping through the trees as the men closed in. The sighting, featured on TV programmes about unexplained UFOs, was finally revealed by the Government yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act.

The mysterious craft was spotted on December 27 1980 by American airmen at RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

In a report called Unexplained Lights, deputy base commander Lt Col Charles Halt said he saw a "red sun-like light" moving through the trees in Rendlesham Forest.

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