Thursday 21 November 2002

Gap hit by 'sweatshop' protests

Please don't buy anything from Gap for anyone this Christmas, click here for some much better places to shop. Consumer power is the only thing these greedy plutocrats understand so let's show them what we think! Gap is already in economic trouble, if enough people boycott it this Christmas then maybe we can force it to change its policies.

Do you really like the idea that the sweater or trousers you are wearing was made at the expense of a persons health and happiness in conditions that you yourself would never in a million years tolerate?

Gap is being targeted by activists who are telling Christmas shoppers that the struggling multi-national clothes retailer is encouraging the exploitation of workers.

Gap workers from Indonesia, Lesotho and El Salvador were wheeled out at a press conference in Manhattan to describe how they were paid very little to work long hours making Gap clothes in factories full of health hazards and brutal working conditions.

The Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees, the Africa Forum and a college group also said they had documented "abusive working conditions" in 40 factories making Gap clothes in Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, as well as in Lesotho and in El Salvador and Mexico.

"We want Gap to stop exploiting sweatshop labour around the world," said union official Steve Weingarten.

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