Thursday 21 November 2002

80% of Americans don't even know where Iraq is!

Why doesn't this story suprise me? Last time I was in the US and someone asked me where I was from, I said The Netherlands and they then asked me how long it would take to drive there from Chicago!?! I wonder if Dubya can even point Iraq out on a map without Connie Rice or someone helping him...?

And there I was thinking a Leopard couldn't change it's spots! George Bush is on the brink of invading Iraq - but most Americans have no idea where the country is.

A survey revealed that only one in seven aged between 18 and 24 could identify Saddam Hussein's land.

And while more than half knew that al-Qaeda and the Taliban were based in Afghanistan, only one in six could find the country on a map.

Even more worrying - one in 10 couldn't pick out America.

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