Wednesday 6 November 2002

Florida Election Fraud Again... who would have guessed?

by voxfux

Scores of reports are accumulating in the early hours of the Florida Governor’s race, indicating wide scale election fraud and election rigging. Callers are reporting to the popular Florida radio talk show, The Neil Rodgers Show that when they selected McBride, the Democrat, the machines instead registered a vote for Bush. Wide scale machine "breakdowns" reported throughout Democratic strongholds in Orange, Brevard and Seminole counties. Republican districts appear to be enjoying a speedy and efficient polling day.

The religious orders who control through their proxy intelligence agencies here in America have instituted completely computerized touch screen voting machines in many counties now - Severing once and for all the last remaining connection between a vote and any physical evidence of that vote. In the past, we at least had piles of real hard evidence in the form of physical ballots to fight over - now there is nothing. Just a US intelligence agency, CIA, to assure us that everything is all right and going as planned.

Physical ballots with all their chads and imperfections were at least a physical entity and so required considerably more effort and risk to alter. But now there is only a proprietary secret software program which no one except US intelligence can control which determines if the button you press registers a vote for the particular lying scumbag politician you selected or whether the machine, “Glitches,” and places your vote, instead, for the lying scumbag politician you didn’t select.

Since there has never been a computer system which has not been hacked, what makes us think that these systems cannot be hacked? And since we do not know the officers of the British based company who owns the American Based company who makes the machines, how do we know that they are beyond corruption? Seems we are learning each day that in fact more corporations than we previously imagined are involved in wide scale corruption, so why not the corporation who makes the polling machines?

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