Tuesday 5 November 2002

The Hastening American Decline: Transfer of the American Industrial Base

by Allan Billings

The transfer of the American industrial base to remote regions of the planet continues, especially to China. It is inescapable that the militarization of some of those regions to protect the prodigious capitalist investment must logically follow. In particular, the transfer of the American industrial base to China has already enabled them to radically improve their military strength, very often with American technology. This is a very ominous development for the American people and progressive societies everywhere. Globalysts are enemies of western democracies and have strong fascist tendencies. The Chinese economic model is the dream of all capitalists and the nightmare of everybody else.

America and the other western nations are at once the crucible of the Globalyst and elitist ruling class but are also the only societies that could put a check on their worldly ambitions. It is the western societies that have provided their people with the power of the vote, constitutional law and mass education. It is these societies that are the greatest threat to the ruling class's ambition of establishing world dominion in the very near future. Therefore it follows that western culture will be and is under assault on several fronts. In support of the above let me provide certain well-known facts and also suggest some room for thought.

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