Wednesday 6 November 2002

Bali Micro Nuke - Army Officer Reported Accurate Details

Then the Australian Government demanded that his report be removed!

Australian Army officer Rodney Cox was less than fifty meters from ground zero when the bomb exploded, but survived presumably because he was in the "null zone" below the rising diagonal blast vector from the buried weapon. Captain Cox was then put in command of operations to evacuate the injured. He tells a harrowing tale, with some of his most chilling and revealing statements including, "“Then the power cut... all the power went out. I didn’t think bomb, I didn’t think anything at that stage. And then, probably, I’d say two seconds later... not even two seconds later, there was just the huge flash, and I was just covered in glass, put on the ground, and it just started ... it was like hell on earth.”

By stating that the power cut preceded the flash, Captain Cox unwittingly confirmed the critical nuclear identity of the weapon. We know that the small bomb in Paddy's bar ten seconds earlier caused only localized damage, and we now know that all of the electrical circuits in Kuta Beach were disrupted by the Source Region Electromagnetic Pulse [SREMP] emitted by the micro nuke at the point of criticality. The pulse travels through all mediums at the speed of light, and Cox noted the power cut immediately before witnessing the "huge flash" of the fireball as it burst up through the road surface. Captain Cox's recollections were printed on the front page of the Australian Army Newspaper, which in turn was placed on the Australian Army web site.

This did not please the Australian Government [for obvious reasons], and reliable sources state that the Army was ordered to remove the web page on ministerial orders, which it did. Then apparently less than 12 hours later a very senior officer countermanded the order, and insisted the page be restored. It was... Not being sure who will ultimately win this battle of the titans, I have reproduced this important story below, with correct credits and a link to the Army web site. If in the end the politicians win, there will always be a copy of the story here to fall back on.

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