Monday 4 November 2002

Bali Micro Nuke - Cops Claim Exploding Detergent!

Just so you guys know, the server that hosts most of Joe's writings is under attack from some nasty CyberFascists wanting to shut him up. Joe's update to his Bali Nuke article is mirrored here to give you a chance to read it and also to give The Powers That Be the Finger of Dissent.

They can try to silence some of us but they'll never silence us all...

by Joe Vialls

As further horrifying details of its illegal armed attacks on Muslims in their own homes reach local media, the Australian Government has been desperately trying to deflect attention back towards the “Muslim Terrorists” allegedly responsible for the Bali bombing.

On the home front, Australian lawyers have revealed that during the pre-dawn raids last week, armed goons from the Federal Police and Security Service ASIO forced unarmed women and children to lie face-down on the floor, handcuffed them, and in some cases conducted strictly illegal full-body strip searches of the defenseless women without their consent.

This last-named abuse is identical to the actions of the American 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, who recently deliberately strip searched Muslim women in their own homes in order to dishonor their husbands. Further details of this obscene and illegal activity can be read by clicking on the “Australian Gestapo” link at the bottom of this page.

Were it not so serious, this latest attempt by Australian authorities to pin the blame for the Bali bomb on “Muslim Terrorists” would be laughable. Officials are now claiming that the staggering blast which vaporized dozens of victims at Kuta Beach, was caused by a bomb “made from between 50 kg and 150 kg of chlorate”, the only quasi-explosive conveniently stolen from an Indonesian warehouse in Java during September. This new claim is in stark contrast to information posted on the official Australian Government web site less than one week ago:

“Within 10-15 seconds of the first explosion at Paddy's Bar, a devastating explosion was detonated in front of the Sari Club … The explosion resulted in a tremendous release of energy in the form of gas, heat and light. This essentially caused a pressure wave, fragmentation and fire - all of which contributed to the devastation seen at the Sari Club. As a measure of the force of the blast, the sound from the explosion was heard up to 15km away.”

To claim that the Bali bomb was made from potassium chlorate detergent [the variant stolen in Java] is pure idiocy, and the fact that such a claim was made at all, highlights increasingly desperately American and Israeli pressure on Australia to formally declare that “The Muslims did it”.

Yes, you can manufacture a crude weapon from 90% potassium chlorate and 10% paraffin, but it is an incredibly slow and entirely unpredictable low-explosive. Provided the weapon did not detonate prematurely [a real risk with this unstable compound], four hundreds pounds of potassium chlorate & paraffin slurry with a Power Gel initiator might make a mess of Kuta Beach high street, but it could manage little else...

Full story and fresh forensic pics at link below. Zoom down to red sub header "Update 3 November 2002":

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