Monday 4 November 2002

More Royal Controversy

This whole trial collapse smells like pure codshit to me, rumours abound that Burrell has stored documents and computer files belonging to the Princess ("I'm sorry, Your Majesty, I'm going to keep those things"). The fact that his trial collapsed just before he was about to give evidence suggests to me that someone didn't want him to speak publicly. They couldn't simply engineer another car-crash (which is I'm sure what they'd love to do!) because there's no way the public would buy Diana's butler having a fatal car-crash just before he was about to give his evidence in court. So instead they make up some story about a conversation with the Queen and the trial falls to pieces. They really expect us to believe that Liz didn't know that Diana's butler was on trial and that their conversation five years ago might just have a bearing on it, yeah right!

I'm sorry but you have to show me a lot of really good evidence before I'll believe any of the horse-shit emanating from Buckingham Palace (or Whitehall!), they're hiding something. The British Establishment is totally and utterly untrustworthy. The fact that Phony Tony is now saying that Liz "acted entirely properly" makes me even more suspicious about what's going on. Plod has even been caught in the open telling porkies.

Diana's butler set to sue over court ordeal

The former royal butler sensationally cleared of stealing items belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales, was considering legal action against the police and Crown Prosecution Service last night as opposition MPs called for a full public investigation into the fiasco.
Against a backdrop of mounting criticism over the way the £1.5 million case was handled, lawyers acting for Paul Burrell indicated that he could sue for compensation for malicious falsehood and malicious prosecution.

The news of possible court action came as it emerged that the prime minister, Tony Blair, and the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, had been drawn into the case, which collapsed on Friday after the Queen made it known she had had a conversation with Burrell in which he told her he was 'safeguarding' some of the Princess's possessions.

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