Sunday 15 September 2002

The truth is "hate speech" only to those who have something to hide

If you want a real source of news then make sure you visit The lobbyists slag it off because they can't use facts to refute it and the hackers continue assault it because they can't shut him up, but nothing it seems can stop the determined Mr. Rivero from his pursuit of truth. Nice one!

by Michael Rivero

This article was originally was written in response to efforts to conceal the Israeli spy scandal, the largest spy ring ever uncovered in the United States, behind cries of "hate" and "anti-Semite". I am not "anti-Jewish", I am anti-espionage. There's a difference. I don't blame the Jewish people for the crimes of the Israeli government and the Mossad any more than I blame Americans for the crimes of the United States Government and the CIA. Israel's supporters constantly spin any criticism of Israel's actions as hate against the Jewish people. Indeed so desperate are Israel's supporters to dismiss criticism of Israel while being unable to refute the actual facts that they have taken to describing Jewish critics of Israel as "self-hating Jews."

The current focus on the Israeli spy ring is about crimes committed against our nation by a foreign government, plain and simple, and whether one opposes those crimes or is accessory to those crimes by seeking to conceal them. There can be a no more dangerous path than for our government, our media, and our citizens than to ignore the presence of the largest spy ring ever uncovered within our nation simply because it is connected with a "protected" nation presumed to be above reproach or criticism.

I urge you to all to continue to contact your representatives and your local media and demand a full and public hunt for the spies in our midst. Those who seek to protect those spies by suppressing this story must be suspect.

In the wake of the revelation of yet another spy scandal involving the Mossad, involving the arrests of the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, and the existence of a huge system that allowed Israel to track telephone calls by media, politicians, law enforcement, indeed all Americans, as well as the means to eavesdrop on actual calls by using the wiretapping system built into the telephone system by an Israeli owned company, any and all reports of this scandal have been met with the charges of "hate speech" and "anti-Semite". Recent weeks have seen supporters of the self-proclaimed Democracy of Israel resorting to endless hacker attacks and online smear campaigns against web sites and authors whose only "crime" is to not go along with Israel's agenda or of refusing to bury embarrassing scandals.

These phrases, "hate speech" and "anti-Semite", are well-worn devices to shut up a critic of Israel without having to answer the criticisms. Indeed they have been used so much that they have become red warning flags that the person using those phrases has something to hide and needs to shut down the discussion by any means possible. By screaming "hate speech" or "anti-Semite", Israel's supporters hope to shut down the debate without actually examining the issues involved.