Monday 16 September 2002

Bush's Nuclear Madness

A new world war draws ever nearer, my question today is: How can anyone want a war?? This article came out in March of this year, it's still just as valid today.

Horror at Dubya's Secret Attack Plan on 7 Countries

President Bush faced world anger last night over America's seven-nation nuclear hit list.

British MPs joined the outcry after a leaked Pentagon report revealed contingency plans to use nuclear weapons against China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria and Libya. The secret policy was denounced as warmongering "lunacy".

Alarmed officials from Moscow to Tehran warned that the "power crazy" President, buoyed up by the successful campaign in Afghanistan, could plunge the world into chaos. British politicians said the strategy threatened the stability of the NATO alliance.

International tension mounted as Washington pressed Britain to back an attack on Iraq - including the possible commitment of 25,000 British troops to topple Saddam Hussein.

Cabinet Minister Clare Short hinted that she might resign if Tony Blair supported a mass strike against Baghdad. She said: "We need to deal with the problem of Saddam Hussein - we don't need to inflict further suffering on the people of Iraq."

Labour MPs Alice Mahon and Tam Dalyell will today deliver a letter to 10 Downing Street warning the Prime Minister against joining any military action.

US Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in London last night for talks with Mr Blair which will cover the threat posed by Iraq.

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