Sunday 15 September 2002

In Iraqi War Scenario, Oil Is Key Issue

You see dear codshitters, this war has nothing to do with WMD or Saddam being so nasty or anything, it's about a few people getting richer while the rest of us suffer even more environmental degredation, human rights abuses and corporate governence! Blair and Bush are lying to us at the behest of their masters, the benefits will only come to those masters and believe me they don't give a shit about the rest of us. I urge you to contact your political representatives and inform them -in no uncertain terms- that you object to this Imperialist war. Saddam isn't the problem, our problems are MUCH closer to home!

U.S. Drillers Eye Huge Petroleum Pool

A U.S.-led ouster of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein could open a bonanza for American oil companies long banished from Iraq, scuttling oil deals between Baghdad and Russia, France and other countries, and reshuffling world petroleum markets, according to industry officials and leaders of the Iraqi opposition.

Although senior Bush administration officials say they have not begun to focus on the issues involving oil and Iraq, American and foreign oil companies have already begun maneuvering for a stake in the country's huge proven reserves of 112 billion barrels of crude oil, the largest in the world outside Saudi Arabia.

The importance of Iraq's oil has made it potentially one of the administration's biggest bargaining chips in negotiations to win backing from the U.N. Security Council and Western allies for President Bush's call for tough international action against Hussein. All five permanent members of the Security Council -- the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China -- have international oil companies with major stakes in a change of leadership in Baghdad.

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