Monday 30 September 2002


Phony Tony and the Cronies show us yet again that they are a bunch of quasi-Cardassian totalitarians trying to wear flowery shirts and pretend that they are loved-up DJs rather than WHORES of that malignant cancerous tumour known as The Establishment. Now their agenda becomes clear, if they will attack people in their own party who don't agree with them then do you really think they'll think twice before manipulating the electorate (which them and Murdoch are doing!) We need political reform in this country and we need it now! Not just stoopid little changes, we need fundamental reforms like PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION.

My one big question on this Monday morning; why is there no trace of this story anywhere other than the Hindu Newspaper website?!?

Labour running a 'dirty tricks' department

Britain's ruling Labour Party has been accused of running a "dirty tricks department" whose victims are said to have included not only leading Opposition figures, but some of the Government's own prominent members, including the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott.

The existence of the "Attack Unit", set up when Labour was in Opposition, is admitted by the party but claims that it is used only to rebut Tory propaganda. A report in The Sunday Times, however, listed specific instances of "muck-raking" prompting the Tory shadow deputy prime minister, David Davis, to demand an inquiry.

"The alleged activities of the Labour Party's so-called Attack Unit are a matter of serious public concern," he said. His party colleague and shadow home secretary, Michael Howard, who is alleged to have been one of its victims wanted to know whether the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was aware of what was going on.

Mr. Howard, who had a torrid time denying an alleged love affair with a constituent when he was Home Secretary in the Tory Government, said: "I was aware that a smear was circulated about me but I had no idea it came from the Labour Party."

Shocking full story...