Monday 30 September 2002

Analysis of WTC's fall may be sealed

A collection of expert analysis and data that could help explain how and why the World Trade Center collapsed has been compiled as part of an insurance lawsuit in Manhattan, but the public may never see the information.

The experts who amassed the information are forbidden by confidential agreements from discussing their findings. The material could be withheld if the lawsuit is settled before trial, prompting concern among engineers and victims' families that the confidential material may be sealed or even destroyed.

"We're obviously in favor of releasing the information, but we can't until we're told what to do," said Matthys Levy, an engineer and consultant in the case.

The material contains documentary evidence, including maps of the debris piles, as well as three-dimensional computerized images of the fallen towers, The New York Times reported Monday. Rare photos and videos have also been collected.

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