Tuesday 24 September 2002

Speaking of 'failed tactics'

There are some other SUPERB cartoons associated with this piece, well worth a look.

by Jim Kirwan
YellowTimes.org Columnist (United States)

The ink had barely time to dry on Iraq's acceptance of the Bush administration's demand for unconditional access to suspected weapons sites inside Iraq before the administration issued a tersely worded denunciation: "A tactic that will fail." Bush also said: "We can't take Saddam's word, he's proven that he breaks his promises."

People like Bush who live in glass houses should watch what they say. Bush has broken almost every campaign promise he made to the American people, beginning with: 'The people in my administration will not only be above reproach, they will be beyond even the hint of any conflict-of-interest."

U.S. officials said, "the Iraqi offer echoed Baghdad's earlier maneuvers to stall and divide the council and dealt only with weapons inspections, and not with a host of other U.N. resolutions." Who is the Bush administration to demand the total compliance of Iraq, or any other country, with all issues that country may have with the United Nations?

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