Tuesday 24 September 2002

Aussies with Courage

Finally someone trying to put the "Honourable" back into "Right Honourable". Unlike certain other Australian politicians, I've been talking to Aussie mates and none of them want this poxy war to happen either. The politicians are revealing their true colours all over the world, they are in the pockets of the Industrial Oligarchists and have sold themselves (and us) down the river for 50 pieces of silver.

OZ MP Risks Expulsion Over Opposition To Bush's War

Opposition backbencher Harry Quick has said he would risk expulsion from his party and cross the floor if Labor agreed to support a strike against Iraq. Mr Quick, a Labor MP from Tasmania, said he had received widespread support from the community for his stand.

"I've had dozens and dozens of emails and phone calls from parents saying we don't want to send our kids, keep up the good work," he said.

Asked if he was prepared to be expelled over the issue, Mr Quick said: "If we support a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, yes I am." Mr Quick was also against a United Nations-endorsed attack on Iraq.

"I'm totally against the war, it's a US-manufactured war and I don't support it in any shape or form," he said.

Mr Quick said dozens of his parliamentary colleagues supported his position.


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