Monday 23 September 2002

Rogue British agents name MI5 bosses in video expose

Yet more evidence that the British Establishment is irreparably contaminated with some of the worst specimens of humanity ever to plague planet Earth. As soon as I have details of where you'll be able to get this vid, I'll post them. It's being published in the Republic of Ireland to get around the fascist secrecy laws in this country.

The identities of at least 12 of Britain's most senior intelligence officers are to be exposed in a new video made by a team of rogue undercover army agents.

The army agents, who were infiltrated inside the IRA and Sinn Fein, are releasing the video in the Irish Republic as part of a whistle-blowing campaign aimed at exposing the truth behind the Dirty War in Northern Ireland.

As well as revealing the identities of some of the most senior army, police and MI5 officers working in Ulster, the agents also disclose the techniques used to handle agents and expose some of the most shocking operations undertaken by the British security forces in Northern Ireland.

These include claims that MI5 helped one undercover army agent, who was working in deep cover inside the IRA for more than a decade, source infra-red equipment which was used to provide the IRA with state-of-the-art bomb detonation technology.

The video, Agents: No More Lies, is to be sold in the Irish Republic to get around British national security laws and Ministry of Defence censorship.

One of the agents behind the video is Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier. The Catholic from Newry was given false discharge papers from his regiment and told by the shadowy military intelligence agency, the Force Research Unit (FRU), to infiltrate the IRA. As part of long- running investigations by the Sunday Herald into Ulster's Dirty War, Fulton has already claimed he warned RUC Special Branch that the Omagh bombing was being planned at least 48 hours before the Real IRA attack killed 29 people.

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