Monday 23 September 2002

Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence

A thorough, clinical and respectfully written study which goes further to seriously attempting to discover what happened than any such previous endeavour. It is certainly NOT like any other Diana book you're likely to read, there are no revelations or innuendo, it doesn't even talk about Diana herself all that much, only as much is relevant to an understanding of the threat she represented to the Establishment. The interesting thing is that this book ties together a lot of other research I've been doing and so a lot of what I've read so far is easily verifiable through the creative use of Google. If you read one book this year, make it this one.


The staggering new evidence contained in this book offers the most compelling argument yet that British and US Intelligence acted jointly to assassinate Princess Diana. Endorsed by HRH Prince Michael of Albany, plus many highly placed intelligence and government sources, this book reveals the frightening truth behind the death of the world's most adored princess.

How British and US Intelligence monitored Diana's every move; and how, following her divorce from Prince Charles, MI5 chiefs resolved to 'remove' her in order to avert the biggest constitutional crisis in Britain since Henry VIII;

Why MI5 chiefs were reluctant to assassinate Diana in Britain; thus why MI6 and the CIA resolved to kill her "on foreign soil"; and how Britain's BBC announced that Diana had been killed 'in a road traffic accident' before the crash in Paris occurred;

How the secret services of both East and West favour the 'road traffic accident' as a deniable means of assassination; how this same method of assassination has been successful in previous 'deniable ops'; and thus why Diana died in a 'road traffic accident';

How chauffeur Henri Paul worked for MI6; how his blood sample - which underpins the 'drink-drive accident' theory - was switched; and how all CCTV cameras at the crash scene were mysteriously switched off;

How two secret letters written by Diana just before her death implicate the British Crown in "nefarious activities in Africa", specifically Angola; and how Diana threatened to expose the Crown's vested interests in Angola by pursuing her 'landmines campaign' in that country;

How secret 'landmines' talks held at the White House precipitated the involvement of the CIA; and how these same talks engendered Bill Clinton's 'sex-at-work' problems and almost cost him the Presidency;

Why Diana's love affair with Dodi Fayed simply could not be tolerated - why, according to a high-ranking British Foreign Office source, it was "the final nail in her coffin";

How Diana's unique and hitherto unknown ancestry, together with her unprecedented popularity, almost toppled Britain's Monarchy; how the Royal Family finally ordered an MI6 action against Diana; indeed, how the British Royal Establishment conspired to have Diana assassinated.

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