Monday 23 September 2002

An Open Letter to Tony Blair

Prime Minister Blair, This morning I heard you say that Iraq is a BARBARIC nation and you claim the moral right to attack Iraq.

Amnesty International tells us that every year thousands of young women are kidnapped and locked up in brothels in the Jewish state. They are sex-slaves. They are raped twenty times a day and they suffer unspeakable humiliation, disease and forced use of drugs. These poor, naked captives are bought and sold at auctions and become the property of the pimps who buy them.


Have you requested international inspection of Israeli brothels? Have you requested international inspection of Israel's atomic bomb sites? Have you requested international inspection of Israel's NERVE GAS factories?

How racist are you, Mr Blair?

Mr Blair, you know very well that in October 1992 an Israeli EL AL Boeing 747 crashed in Amsterdam. That jet was carrying huge quantities of the components required for the manufacture of SARIN NERVE GAS.


Under American law (Title 15, Commerce and Trade) there is a prohibition on collecting and releasing detailed satellite imagery relating to Israel. Do you think ISRAEL has something to hide, Mr. Blair?

Also, Under Title 05 in American Law (Government Organisation,Employees) it says: "that any person making a false affidavit shall be guilty of a felony and shall be fined or imprisoned...THIS SECTION SHALL NOT APPLY TO CITIZENS OF....ISRAEL"....*

Why are Jews in America allowed to make false affidavits?

Was it not BARBARIC for the Jewish military to attack the USS LIBERTY in 1967? This was peaceful American vessel, which the Jews tried to sink with nearly 300 men on board. The Jews killed 34 of their American allies, wounded another 171 with napalm, rockets, machine gun shells and torpedoes. Is it not BARBARIC to deliberately attack one's allies in international waters, Mr Blair?

Iraq, by comparison, is a peaceful nation, but you want to bomb it. Meanwhile the aggressive State of Israel has ignored more than 100 United Nations resolutions and you don't care, do you Mr Blair?

What retaliation will your British people suffer? Will you put on an army uniform and fight for justice in the Middle East? Or will you send your British youth to fight a war for the control of oil that you and Bush want so desperately?

Total monopoly of oil is the name of your hypocritical game, not peace or goodwill to all nations.

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