Monday 23 September 2002

A Lesson in Humanity

If the parents of one murdered young man can demonstrate enough compassion to donate one of his organs to save the life of a Palestinian girl. Why can't the nation of Israel demonstrate the same compassion towards the Palestinians? And before anyone mentions being pushed into the sea, can I just say that the whole idea that the world's 4th largest military is going to be pushed anywhere is a complete nonsense.

Scot's kidney saves life of Palestinian girl

ONE of the kidneys of the Jewish teenager from Scotland who was killed last week when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv has been donated to save the life of a Palestinian girl.

Seven-year-old Yasmin Abu Ramila, from east Jerusalem, had been undergoing dialysis for more than a year and faced the prospect of kidney failure because of a degenerative disease when the organ became available last Thursday.

Jonathan Jesner's brother, Ari, last night said it was what his sibling would have wanted. "It does not matter that a kidney that was taken from the body of our Yoni was planted in the body of a Palestinian girl from the same people who killed him.

"If he could have helped people during his life he would have, but now that he can't at least he can help people in death. We are very proud that we can take part in the saving of a life to help this girl."

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