Friday 6 September 2002

OI! Blair! NO!

All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and then denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country. - Hermann Goering

Dear Tony, NOT that's N-O-T IN OUR NAME! Love from, xx If that Prime Minister came on TV and told me to go to Iraq to die for a Bush, I'd say OI Blair! NO! Yes dear codshitters it's time for us to once again give our notsoillustrious warmonger of a Prime Monster, The Codshit Finger of Dissent. Tony stop bangin' on about sending British and American kids to shed blood in a colonial war, get yourself a fragging rifle (try and find one that works!), get on a Hercules and go and take Saddam on yourself. We must fight this heinous war with every means at our disposal. Spread the word people! Our leaders are bangin' drums of war and this one will make WW1 and WW2 seem like boy scout jamborees! Tony has lost the moral right to govern and elections should be called immediately. Every ounce of my being says that this war is wrong SADDAM IS NOT HITLER! Besides, it was the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who allowed Hitler to build his war machine and it is the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who are bankrolling this war as well, they are leading this planet to it's doom through their greed and selfish lust for power. Our governments and populations are being manipulated by the forces of INTERNATIONAL BANKING to sacrifice our money, our lives and our childrens futures. WE MUST NOT SUPPORT THIS GOVERNMENT OR THIS WAR ANY LONGER OR WE BECOME THE WARMONGERS!

TONY BLAIR has given the clearest hint that he is ready to commit British troops to war with Iraq, saying that he accepts that Britain’s special relationship with America means being prepared to pay the “blood price”.

He spoke as the apparent build-up to war gathered pace. America doubled its war stocks in Kuwait to accommodate an expansion of US forces at a base near the Iraqi border as President Bush said that “history has called us into action”.

In some of Mr Blair’s frankest remarks about his relations with the President, Mr Blair said that the special relationship was “real, strong and important”.

He would probably have said that before becoming Prime Minister, but after five years he felt it more strongly. He said of Mr Bush: “He’s got an extremely charming personality. He’s really direct. He’s very straight and he’s extremely easy to deal with.

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Nice to see The Mirror agrees with us!
So do the Churches
So does Nelson Mandela
and the Japanese
71% of us Brits too
and the UK Trade Unions