Thursday 5 September 2002

Did you know?

Every US President elected every 20 years starting in 1840 has either died in office or been assasinated (except Reagan, which is no suprise seeing as he was pretty useless at everything else too)... Apparently it comes from a curse put on General William Henry Harrison by Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh. Tecumseh allegedly wrote him a letter saying: "Harrison will not win this year to be the Great Chief. But he may win next year. If he does...He will not finish his term. He will die in his office.' 'No president has ever died in office,' declared a visitor. 'But Harrison will die I tell you. And when he dies you will remember my brother Tecumseh's death. You think that I have lost my powers. I who caused the sun to darken and Red Men to give up firewater. But I tell you Harrison will die. And after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of our people."

In case you're sceptical of such witchcraft, look at the evidence:

Elected in 1840, William Henry Harrison
Died April 6, 1841 of pneumonia.
Vice President John Tyler

Elected in 1860, Abraham Lincoln
Assassinated April 14, 1865
Succeeded by Vice President Andrew Johnson

Elected in 1880, James Abram Garfield
Assassinated July 2, 1881
Succeeded by Vice President Chester Alan Arthur

Elected in 1900, William McKinley
Assassinated September, 6 1901
Succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt

Elected in 1920, Warren Gamaliel Harding
Died August 2, 1923 from food poisoning
Succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge

Elected in 1940, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Died April 12, 1945, stroke, medical records missing
Succeeded by Vice President Harry Truman

Elected in 1960, John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Assassinated November 22, 1963
Succeeded by Vice President Lydon Baines Johnson

Elected in 1980, Ronald Wilson Reagan
Assassination attempt on March 30, 1981
Succeeded by George Bush by election.

Gee Mom, I wonder if Dubya will survive...?

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Never piss off a medicine man; Native American, African, Aboriginal or otherwise. It will ALWAYS end it tears!