Friday 6 September 2002

Wake-up call

Guess what people; THE MILITARY IS NOT AS HARD AS THE POLITICIANS ARE TRYING TO TELL US IT IS! The INTERNATIONAL BANKERS and their politicical whores are lying to us every step of the way. In fact, if the British or American governments told me the sky was blue I'd have to look out of the window to make sure they weren't telling me more LIES! They have us so blinded by meaningless twaddle about nukes and bio-terror that we aren't even looking in the right direction while they steal our earth from under our feet, and at the same time kill a few hundred thousand (million?) innocent humans! I hereby revoke my vote in this Government and instead suggest that a Petition of No-Confidence in the Government of the United Kingdom be sent to Her Majesty the Queen. She has the power (theoretically) to sack them or something else like make them re-call parliament, maybe if enough of her people say the same thing she'll intervene on our behalf. Click here to add your name to the list, it will be treated in confidence until there are enough names to go public.

Earth, Love it or Loose it - Copyright © 2001 Jim Warren, All Rights Reserved. [Snipped from The Guardian] If the US and Iraq do go to war, there can only be one winner, can't there? Maybe not. This summer, in a huge rehearsal of just such a conflict - and with retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing Saddam - the US lost...

At the height of the summer, as talk of invading Iraq built in Washington like a dark, billowing storm, the US armed forces staged a rehearsal using over 13,000 troops, countless computers and $250m. Officially, America won and a rogue state was liberated from an evil dictator.

What really happened is quite another story, one that has set alarm bells ringing throughout America's defence establishment and raised questions over the US military's readiness for an Iraqi invasion. In fact, this war game was won by Saddam Hussein, or at least by the retired marine playing the Iraqi dictator's part, Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper.

In the first few days of the exercise, using surprise and unorthodox tactics, the wily 64-year-old Vietnam veteran sank most of the US expeditionary fleet in the Persian Gulf, bringing the US assault to a halt.

What happened next will be familiar to anyone who ever played soldiers in the playground. Faced with an abrupt and embarrassing end to the most expensive and sophisticated military exercise in US history, the Pentagon top brass simply pretended the whole thing had not happened.

And when enough of your sons and daughters have died a meaningless, futile and REAL death in Iraq, they'll probably try and do it again! We cannot let those WARMONGERS destroy our world for the sake of their friends the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS!

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