Wednesday 4 September 2002

Is Anybody Out There ::: Is Anybody Listening?

Helicopters (made in U.S.A.) flying over despairing, barren, enclosed camps where Palestinian people are herded and made to exist (not live) in the most abject of disease, squalor and fear, had a family blown to smithereens and children playing in the dusty street. Bombs that erupt in mid-air throwing out metal nail missiles. No last frantic rush to fill picnic hampers here,or load the car up for that last fun-filled day at the beach or backyard family get together with the Aunts, Uncles, and cousins regaling one another with the past year's successes in business or new land/oil/gas deals, cooking up steaks, and slides of the last trip abroad. No, these people cannot leave their homes for weeks on end let alone think of relocating their families to sanity.

Alexander Haig (big wheeler-dealer Chinese businessman now) on some talk show, deranged in his ranting over needed war on Iraq.."It'll be like a knife through soft butter after we soften'em up". A callous, demented, reference to massive bombing of Iraqi people and then march in and slaughter them from street to street!! Of course Haig and his ilk in their seventies and eighties won't be marching their sorry asses anywhere. The usual voyeurs to life's mayhem, suffering, famine, maiming and vaporizing of the multitudes (human resources-simpletons-herd-masses), they're just there to rake in the loot from the oil/gas/minerals/water/lands and forests. Who dies is none of their concern! Not them or theirs is all they know and what else matters??

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