Wednesday 4 September 2002

It All Becomes Clearer...

I've figured it out! Tony wants us all to have a chip in our heads so that he can just use the remote control for his telly to run the nation! There is nothing more deleterious to freedom, justice or reason than a hysterical parent with a bug up his or her arse.

British parents want microchip to track their kids

LONDON -- A British scientist said on Monday he had been inundated with requests by panicked parents to implant a tracking microchip into their children after the recent murders of two 10-year-olds in a quiet English town.

Cybernetics expert Kevin Warwick from Reading University near London believes he can allay parents fears with a tiny microchip that may prevent an abduction from becoming a murder.

The controversial robotics scientist gained fame in Britain after he wired his own nervous system to a computer in an experiment he hopes will eventually give paralysed people more control over their own bodies.

"A number of families have contacted me after the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman with the possibility of using an implant for their own daughter,'' Warwick told Reuters in a telephone interview.

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