Wednesday 4 September 2002

Blair: It is our duty to support US over Iraq

Dear Tony, YOU ARE A TWAT! Love from, xx So it's our "duty" to support the USA, I don't think so Tony! You WILL NOT get my support for this insane, genocidal, barbaric, imperial war of conquest. It is NOT my duty to support you and your warmongering friends, it is my duty to oppose this foolish unecessary heinous war with every drop of my blood and every breath I am able take! Prime Minister may I humbly suggest you acquire for yourself one of those nice new machine guns (you know, the British ones that don't fucking work properly!) and get your arse out to the Middle East. I'm sure you can find someone to loan you a parachute and a Hercules. Go on Tony, lead the way then! This Iraq escapade is the worst idea to come out of the Washington Bad Ideas Factory in a very long time and I think instead of sending innocent hard-working soldiers we should ship those useless Chickenhawks in Washington and Westminister off to Iraq and see how much they like war!

Blair: It is our duty to support US over Iraq
By Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor
The Independent

Tony Blair began preparing the British people for war with Iraq yesterday when he announced plans to publish a dossier outlining the "real and unique threat" posed by Saddam Hussein to world peace.

In his most hawkish comments yet on the need for military action against Baghdad, the Prime Minister said "the whole international community" had a duty to stand behind the United States in its determination to act over the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons being developed by Iraq.

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