Sunday 8 September 2002

Blunkett Says We're Next

NOT IN OUR NAME! Today it's the turn of our wonderful Home Secretary to recieve The Codshit Finger of Dissent. David, can I just ask you one thing; Why the bloody hell would al-Qa'ida - WHO USE THE UK AS A SAFE HAVEN AND ARE KNOWN TO RECRUIT HERE - want to risk doing something that would piss us Brits off?? It makes no sense, plus if they were going to do something to us don't you think it would have happened already? No dear codshitters, I say "Nay, believe not these heinous lies and THINK FOR YOURSELVES." Seriously though, a safe and tranquil Britain is more in the interests of al-Qa'ida than anyone else because it means they can recruit here, use Britain as a safe place to chill-out and raise funds here!!! The people who do not want us to feel safe are the Zionists their Whores in our government, they are the ones who stand to gain if the British people are provoked into anger by an o-so-nasty terrorist attack. Nope, it's NOT Saddam and NOT bin Laden who stand to gain, it's Bush and Blair who will then feel they are free to launch their Imperial War of Agression. Once again I say THEY DO NOT REPRESENT ME, once again I say NOT IN MY NAME. I refuse to believe that this is anything other than a threat intended to scare us, or it's more sinister and the Dark Forces will instigate some sort of really nasty WMD attack and kill a few thousand innocent Brits. Could they be that depraved and evil?

And as for Tony saying he's ready to shed Britains blood, I bet he his because it won't be him or his sons called to fight and die meaningless deaths in a hot dry desert somewhere.

Al-Qa'ida attack on UK 'inevitable'

Al-Qa'ida attacks on Britain are almost inevitable, the Home Secretary David Blunkett admitted last night.

Mr Blunkett told The Independent on Sunday that there were "worrying lapses" in airport security and that "a real threat" still remained to Britain.

His comments, just days before the first anniversary on Wednesday of the 11 September attacks on the US, will heighten fears of further terrorist strikes.

Mr Blunkett, in issuing a stark warning against complacency, said: "The UK and its interests overseas remain a target for al-Qa'ida terrorists who will almost certainly seek to carry out further terrorist attacks, drawing on the network which they have already established. A real threat remains to this country. That is the stark truth."

A spate of near misses in the past week will have done nothing to soothe nerves in the run-up to Wednesday.

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