Sunday 8 September 2002

Americans Must Stop Whining About 9/11

Millions worldwide grow weary of the unending American orgy of whining self-pity about a single two-hour surgical strike on New York City
Copyright Joe Vialls – 7 September 2002

Yes, of course we all feel very sorry about the deaths of the 2,801 victims in New York, especially the brave firemen, whose honorable deaths in action are today being cynically used by the American media networks as emotional clubs. For as long as members of the Zionist-controlled media can sustain this emotional barrage about these selfless heroes, whose bravery no mere journalist or editor can ever hope to equal, ordinary Americans will continue to be deflected away from the reality that 9/11 was not a declaration of war on the United States of America.

Unfortunately, the longer the truth is held back from the American people, the more critical international friends and enemies will become of Americans in general. There is a growing perception overseas that “Americans can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.” In other words, Americans are in real danger of being branded as a nation of isolationists, most of who appear to consider themselves morally and racially superior, but who have nervous breakdowns and burst into tears if someone so much as lobs a single hand grenade at an American city.

As will be mentioned again later, this perception provides welcome ammunition for millions of civilians overseas, especially in Britain, France, Germany and Japan; civilians who frequently spent weeks or months with their families and homes under direct aerial bombardment. In most cases the national psyche allowed these civilians to face the continual terror and their tragic losses with an impressive stoicism. If Americans cannot break away from the current media frenzy of whining and self pity, and find a little stoicism of their own, they stand to lose lots of brownie points overseas...

[snipped by Ewar Woowar]

Iraq will not be like Germany was in World War II. Back then it was all highly regulated with liaison on both sides. Red Cross food parcels for the POWs, regular letters to and from properly identified prisoners, and escaped British and American prisoners crossing over into France under cover of night, before being shipped back to England by the French Resistance.

Forget that right now. Anyone fleeing across the border from Iraq will not find themselves in the hands of a friendly resistance organization dedicated to Zionist democracy, but in the hands of the Syrians or Iranians, all of whom know about American torture techniques initiated on helpless unnamed prisoners at Camp X Ray in Cuba. Quite obviously America started this shameful behavior, and America has therefore set the new standards it expects for its own captured troops under the recently revised (Cuban) Geneva Convention.

There will be no Red Cross food parcels and probably very little food this time around. Expect a hot dark room, shackles, a blindfold, and torn, bleeding knees. For most of the day you will wear ear muffs and face masks to destroy your spatial orientation, and twice a day you will be relentlessly interrogated in order to obtain a confession that you belong to a terrorist organization you have never even heard of. Believe me, Mom and Dad are never going to see you again.

None of this matters to the Zionists of course, because they will not be fighting in the trenches with you, or flying the combat aircraft. As previously stated they will sacrifice the lot of you without a second thought, in order to save their own skins. Deep down you already know that to be true, don't you?.

The only difference between 1940 and today, lies in you knowing in advance that this war has absolutely nothing to do with defending America or defending democracy. If you decide to pick up your rifle and go to the Middle East, you will acting under the direct orders of a bunch of desperate Zionist bankers, and you will possibly die for them, perhaps in the blinding blue-white flash of a Russian tactical nuke.

Welcome to the End Game