Sunday 8 September 2002

Calling a Cow, a Cow

Let's make this guy Prime Minister right now!!

Rix: 'Scum' will profit from Tube

The "scum of the earth" including shareholders, lawyers and accountants are set to profit from the public private partnership on the Tube, says union leader Mick Rix.

In an interview with BBC News Online, the left-wing boss of the train drivers' union Aslef said profits to the private sector come at the expense of "Londoners' misery".

Mr Rix also blasts organisations like the CBI for being "immature" in following what he says are their own self interests.

He said: "At times, to be quite honest, they're very immature, and they're very selfish and all they're interested in is themselves.

"They're not interested in the economy and they're not interested in the fabric of the nation...".

But it is his comments about the private sector's role in the future of the London Underground that will raise most eyebrows coming as they do on the eve of the TUC annual congress in Blackpool.

How nice to find a story like this on a Sunday morning, it's gone a small way to restoring my faith!

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