Thursday 1 August 2002

The Israelis and Palestinians are as Bad as Each-other!

Advanced warning to anyone who's going to try and call me an Anti-Semite for pointing out the bleedin obvious: that both sides are a bunch or war-mongering twats, neither side is innocent, neither side really wants peace and neither side is REALLY prepared to make the kind of sacrifices necessary. I am so sick and tired of you lot that I officially don't give a shit anymore whether you call me an Anti-Semite or not, please feel free because you people have rendered the badge absolutely and completely meaningless.

Why don't you Israelis and Palestinians just get on with it and kill each other, then we could plough over all of the buildings and graves, and plant flowers that spell out the words "TOO ANNOYING TO LIVE" in letters big enough to be seen from space!

Jenin report 'blames both sides'
Source: BBC

A United Nations report into Israel's attack on a Palestinian refugee camp criticises both sides for putting civilians in harm's way, Western diplomats say.
The long-awaited report, due to be published on Thursday, discounts Palestinian claims that Israel massacred hundreds of civilians in the camp, the sources say.

The report was compiled after Arab nations asked UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to look into what happened in Jenin four months ago.

"Of particular concern is the use, by combatants on both sides, of violence that placed civilians in harm's way" - UN report