Thursday 1 August 2002

How dumb are they going to get???

US Is Making A Serious Mistake
From Joseph Ehrlich
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Our interpretation that President Bush has no choice but to attack Iraq is being confirmed by the same type of media which preceded President Bush Sr.'s attack a decade back. However, as we said, China and Iraq, Iran, and Syria are all well aware of the agenda and thus it is somewhat arrogant for the US to believe that they can circumvent a defense whether affirmative or otherwise to the US plan.

President Bush not coincidentally will be in Crawford all throughout August. Moreover, Musharraf is meeting with Zemin August 2nd. August is the Bush month for attacking Iraq. President Bush has lost the Middle East and critical oil for the future and needs to intervene, and the US admits openly that it wants to seize control of the Iraqi oil fields and put in a caretaker government.

If President Bush and his administration do not think that this will invoke an affirmative defense not only by Iraq but also by Syria, Iran and China, then they are dreaming. President Bush thus is looking for Iraq to use weapons of mass destruction and odds are high they will be deployed against Israel. Iraq has all this time to implement their use and Saddam Hussein in view of President Bush's admission that he is going to install a caretaker government and run the Iraqi oil fields as he wishes, is going to find a lot of sympathetic ears and hands to implement their use against Israel.