Friday 26 October 2007

Zundel Prison Mail withheld for almost three years - out of spite!

The latest update on Zundel, as I've said before one may not agree with him but that is still no reason to lock him up and try to break him. We should all have a right to spout whatever wisdom/craziness we want to regardless of who disagrees with us.

Intermittently, I reported that there were huge problems in Mannheim with Ernst's mail in that many letters did not seem to reach him. We tried repeatedly t get to the bottom of this miserable situation but were blocked at every turn.

Now this latest, received today:

[START] Surprise, Surprise! I was called to the "Kammer" yesterday and told that I could go through two large boxes of mail that were never processed by Dr. Meinerzhagen.

Ingrid, some scheme that was from that man! So far, I have found 15 thick letters from C. M. over 2 1/2 years that were never even looked at - unopened! I found four letters from [Attorney] Doug Christie. I found three letters so far from [Attorney] Barbara K., - her and Doug's Christmas cards from 2006-2006! Lots of letters from K.S., likewise. Several letters from Jerome Brentar [an old friend who has since passed away ].

Simply unbelievable what was done! Incredibly kind, encouraging, uplifting letters! I will have days of sorting, weeks to respond and to answer people's questions. I'll report more tomorrow, worked 20 hours on it yesterday.

Christmas cards for three years - many, many hundreds of them never given to me. Imagine! And I thought Toronto West [Detention Cenre] was bad! I would never have believed this if someone had told me this could happen in our homeland at this age and time when "Human Rights" and "Human Dignity" are on everybody's lips! [END]

If you write to Ernst, please include Euro postage - 55 cents for a letter within Germany [Europe?] and 1.70 Euros for overseas.

Ernst is allowed to receive up to three postage stamps per letter. International coupons won't do him any good. Self-addressed return envelopes might work. I am not sure, but I would think that small amounts in US$ cash might also be passed on. Ernst does not have access to his own funds except for only 30 Euros spending money per month.

Ernst's address is:

Ernst Zundel
JVA Mannheim
Herzogenried Str. 111
68169 Mannheim

Thank you!

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