Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Voice of the White House - September 27, 2007

With rumors of war making the usual rounds in official Washington (mostly planted leaks) it is true that a lunatic Bush, pushed by Cheney, the Neocons and the Israeli Embassy, really wants to attack Iran. He has no troops and the senior officers are coming very close to open revolt, as are the troops in Iraq. But all of this to one side, I am planning to comment on something that most of us know as do the victims but which is not talked about in the media. To be blunt, the arch conservative Republicans detest black Americans, consider them inferior, welfare queens and would love for them to be exported to Africa, in theory if not in practice. The deliberate abandonment of the poor black population of New Orleans is typical of these proto-fascists but right now, there is sick horror in the far right circles that the dread Obama might actually become president! They could put up with Hillary but never Obama! “My God,” Bush said in a meeting three days ago, “that would be the end of this country if a Goddam nigger ever got into the White House!” Isn’t that a wonderful thing to hear about? And this is nothing new but it is coming more and more out into the open. I have a strong feeling that unless the Democrats wise up and do what they were elected to do, namely stop the war, there will be some amazing happenings come the next election. And one Senator said to me that it’s too bad a tidal wave doesn’t hit the marina here and drown the lavatory-loving Craig. Believe me, the GOP stalwarts hate the sight of him. He will probably lose his bid to withdraw his plea but he has made it very clear he will never quit. Maybe someone will cut his boat adrift while he’s sleeping on it and it will drift out into the Atlantic and be run down by a passing submarine.

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Baconeater said...

PC Apostate doesn't like blacks either.

I see you took the post about me down. You feel pretty dumb, doncha?

pcapostate said...

I don't really know what this is about but allow me to jump in.

I'm the blogmaster at the Politically Correct Apostate, and I'm a politically correct apostate myself, which essentially means I've given up on the religion of political correctness.

I'll use the word nigger, I'm not afraid to say Jew, I have no sympathy for my enemy and I don't give a shit whether anyone likes it or not.

The essay "Exposing the Bacon Eating Atheist Jew" was an entirely accurate and honest piece written bu Curt Maynard and reveals the BEAJ to be exactly what he is, a pro-Zionist, pro-Israel hack, that does nothing but condemn anyone that dares to criticize the Jew.

Ed said...

PCA, I couldn't agree more. I reposted the BEAJ article, I don't know why I removed it in the first place, I guess I was hoping that the little hooligan would go somewhere else but these guys are like flies on shit! As for liking blacks BEAJ, half my family is African (from Zambia, if you can even find that on a map) I was brought up there and I love all of them so don't try and lecture me on racism. I refuse to censor my speech or my blog posts just because annoying little arseholes like you don't like what I have to say.